UIL - Central Zone

Rey Meza, Region 29 UIL Executive Secretary

Angela Dominguez, Middle School Band Coordinator - San Antonio


This is the staple competition for UIL, occurring every year in the spring in all regions of the state.  Bands prepare a concert program of three pieces chosen from the Prescribed Music List and perform for a panel of three judges who rate the bands with one of five ratings.  Again, the comparison is only with a standard of excellence, not with other bands in the contest.   Immediately following the concert, bands move to another room to sightread a piece of music chosen by the band's classification.  The music for sightreading is composed specifically for the contest and addresses certain fundamentals that are aligned with the curriculum for each classification.   This is the musical equivalent of a statewide achievement test for Band. 

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    A interactive Prescribed Music List can be found here.  Additionally, there are detailed instructions outlining how to submit a request for a piece to be added to the PML.  

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