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Vibrato - Kristen Wolfe Jenson

See more from Kristen Wolfe Jenson, UT Austin - http://www.musicandthebassoon.org/

Arthur Weisberg - Vibrato

Weisberg is very academic.  Very detailed.

Terry Ewell - History

Terry Ewell discusses the history of Bassoon Vibrato.  No explanation of how to produce.  GO to the next video. 

Terry Ewell - How to produce Vibrato

How to produce vibrato.  

High School Audition Music

Wiessenborn #17

Weissenborn 21 Part A

Weissenborn 21 Part B

Weissenborn #27

Middle School Audition Material

Weissenborn 3

Great Bassoon Sounds - Sound Like these people!

David McGill - Cleveland Orchestra, Chicago Symphony
Education - Curtis Institute of Music

David McGill - Mozart Mvt. 1

David McGill - Mozart Mvt 2

David McGill - Mvt 3

Bernard Garfield
Arguably one of the most influential bassoon teachers.
Philadelphia Orchestra
Education: Columbia(Composition), Royal Conservatory of Music (Artist Diploma)

Bernard Garfield - Weber

Nadina Mackie Jackson
Solo Bassoonist

YouTube Video

Sophie Dervaux
Vienna Philharmonic

Sophie Dervaux

Dervaux - Interview